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Why Recruitment Is The Perfect Post-Graduate Job

Written by Mollie Haynes

July 13, 2022

If you are about to graduate, have recently graduated or are unsure which direction to turn in your career, this article may be just what you need to help you decide. Recruitment opportunities are guaranteed to help your progress into a successful and fulfilling career!

  1. Career Progression

Starting young in recruitment as a consultant means you can work your way up the ladder and achieve goals and targets a lot earlier then you ever expected to. A lot of post-graduates have no idea what sort of role they want to go into, in fact, more than two fifths (41 per cent) of degree holders have had to take an entry-level job below graduate level once they left university – this figure rises to 51 per cent among graduates aged under 34 (Based on a nationally representative survey of 2,000 UK adults). This highlights that you are not obliged or even expected to go into a role based on the degree you completed.

  1. Money

Without stereotyping, many students have spent the entirety of their degree living on student loans and part-time jobs, so the money recruitment promises is ideal when trying to pay off debt. Recruitment offers an amazing salary and competitive wage for a young person and will always increase depending on your success and motivation, basically the harder you work, the more money you make. The chances are, if you have just completed a degree, you already possess a lot of the characteristics you need in the recruitment industry there aren’t many graduates who go into practical / labour jobs following university. The number of graduates in professional roles is 73.9% (according to a study completed by The Guardian), meaning the likelihood of going into a corporate job is higher than any other industry – why not make it recruitment?


  1. Rewards

Recruitment is a highly rewarding job in itself. Placing candidates in their dream roles is really special, more so, in healthcare recruitment as these candidates that you place, are savings lives and caring for the most vulnerable in our society. Not only this, the financial and physical rewards are also better than any other industry. Trips abroad, quarterly events all paid for, free time to use weekly and so much more. It is the perfect job for someone fresh out of university!


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